The Supertaster. MKII.

My new years resolutions?  I didn’t make any.

However, amongst my long list of  ‘spare time’ projects has been to move my much neglected, sporadic and very word-heavy blog over to a more managable platform.  So here goes nothing…..

There was once photos that accompanied these words, however they have been lost in the mists of the intawebs.  So I can only promise you, dear reader, words AND pictures for all future entries.  Despite the protestation of my dining companions I will endeavour to commit to memory card the delicous things I consume on my travels. 

I’m looking forward to indulging my passion for the edible and sometimes digestible and to having something to do other than run an IT business – my day job.  It continues to be a fine way to fund my passion for eating out, fine wine and adventures and for that I am very thankful. 

Thank you for coming along for the ride.


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