Oliver & Co, South Brisbane

The urban renewal of South Brisbane and West End continues apace and Oliver and Co is the second incarnation of a deli/cafe/restaurant space within the SW1 development which also houses Era.  It started as Fresh on Melbourne, which failed to find an audience in South Brisbane, possibly due to the lack of residential density within walking distance.  Give it a few more years.  Oliver and Co offers a deli items, pizza, cafe style lunches and breakfasts, coffee and a few other bits and bobs as well as Queensland wines from Jimbour Station.

This is a good place to perch and watch the passing parade on weekends and I’m told it does great burgers, but only on weekdays.  We visited for breakfast on a couple of occasions.  Coffee is Espresso Di Manfredi, but the technique of the barista adds nothing to what is a well balanced blend.  Breakfasts of eggs benedicts (sic), omelettes and other standards are good rather than great.  Oliver & Co is comfortable enough but is let down by irritations like cheap bendy cutlery, under-seasoned food and confused service – is it table service or do you order at the counter – we couldn’t get a straight answer.  Simply plated, unfussy breakfasts use good quality eggs, smallgoods and artisan bread although bizarrely it appears to be pre-toasted which has the affect of making it seem stale.  If you want salt, pepper or butter then you’ll need to hunt them down yourself, they’re not offered when your meals are delivered, and neither is water.

The footpath dining area has well spaced tables and the atmosphere is undemanding.  If you’re looking for somewhere shady to spread out the papers and graze on weekends, then Oliver & Co is a good choice.  Prices are low, consistent with the lack of service.  It could be so much more with just a little bit of care and effort.

Oliver & Co Gourmet Groceries & Deli

104 Melbourne Street

South Brisbane

Walking distance from South Brisbane Station and plenty of parking downstairs.

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  1. Balanced review. I’ve been living and working in the area for 3 years, and whilst I love what’s been done to the former Fresh on Melbourne, the service can be hit and miss and the last time I ordered a pizza I waited about 48 minutes.

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