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MielThere are times when all that will do is a burger. At their best, a good burger is an umami bomb between two halves of a slightly sweet brioche bun. Rare aged beef, sharp cheese, piquant tomato sauce, slivers of pickle, a slice of beefsteak tomato and a slick of tomato ketchup and Dijon mustard. Or maybe you want to Aussie it up with beetroot and a fried egg? Change out the beef for smoky pork belly? Add more salad? Get creative with condiments? Whatever gets your tastebuds going, this city burger cafe has you covered.

Tucked below the awning of a non-descript city office building, Miel is at its core two fire engine red shipping containers back to back. It’s just opened, though there’s no first day at school awkwardness here – smiling service, tasty burgers, beers and a place to sit in the sun while you eat. There’s a few steps to burger bliss – choose from brioche or ciabatta buns made daily for Miel by ex-Chouquette baker Sébastien Pisasale. Next, choose your protein – grass fed beef, chicken, fish or veggie pattie, then salads, cheese, sauce and any extra toppings – like bacon, egg, avocado. Stick to the basics and your grassfeed beef burger with three salad items, cheese and sauce will set you back a wallet friendly $10.50, and that includes chips and aioli. A deadset bargain for good food in the CBD. For the indecisive there’s a menu of five ‘classics’ to choose from – running from beef with the usual to Korean BBQ, Miso Pork Belly, Caprese and Tandoori.

Beers on offer are straightforward commercial brands ranging from XXXX to domestically brewed Asahi (starting at around $6) and there’s San Pellegrino soft drinks to supplement the usual suspects. An expanded range of beers and wine will soon be added. There’s also a selection of snacks like salt and pepper calamari, chilli prawns, onion rings, crumbed flathead, mixed platters and salads if you choose to forgo the burgers.

It’s no real secret that I love a good burger, and after studiously sampling them in many US cities I’m delighted to say that the guys and girls at Miel are onto a winner. Here the burgers are served on a slate with Aussie style chips rather than fries, but the grassfeed beef is tasty and the ingredients are generally good quality without being needlessly gourmet. This is a burger place in a shipping container, after all. Enjoying a good burger is a messy two-handed sauce-on-your-face experience so more sturdy napkins would be welcome.

Of course, its up to you to choose a winning flavour combination to make the beef and buns sing, but you could happily spend many hours sitting on the deck at Miel getting it right. A quality casual dining addition to the CBD that’s sure to be popular.

Miel Container

Premium Handmade Burgers

96 Mary Street (Cnr Albert and Mary), Brisbane City

0423 466 503

Monday to Thursday 11am to 10pm, Friday & Saturday 11am to midnight.


One thought on “Miel Container, Brisbane CBD”

  1. Interest peaked, I wandered past the other day. Coupled with Del Patron on Peel Street, I’m half a heartbeat from declaring “funky place in a box bolted onto the side of something commercial” a Brisbane dining microtrend.

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